Thursday, May 19, 2016

First Anniversaty Special Edition

Dear Patrons:

Plum Tree Tavern celebrates its first anniversary today.   

To commemorate and celebrate the anniversary, I have chosen to produce a "Best Of" special edition—36 pieces by 33 authors, my picks of the May'15  to April '16 crop.  It is a very small slice of the total body of work, and I left out much fine work.  I hope to follow this next year with another selection; please contribute to submit.  Without further preface, I invite all contributors to view the work at the direct link here: 

It is also listed under the section Editor's Picks above the tip jar in the right hand column of the Plum Tree Tavern site.

Here’s the list:

Andrea Wyatt   A Farmer Collects Plants for Louis XVI
Bruce Harris   The Blue Marble
Bubba Chambers   Autumn Treasure
Catfish McDaris   Loons and Cranes
Chris Butler   Highs and Lows
David Chorlton   A Willcox Moment
Don Mager   February Journal: Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Don Thompson    West Side Canal, Freeborn Intake
Donal Mahoney   Nature Boy
Ed Hack   Niwa, The Garden (for NT)
Emily Ramser   I asked a cow if she wanted depression meds
Helen Moore   Tears I Shed Yesterday Have Become Rain Trees for Life, Dundreggan
Ion Corcos   Black-headed Ibis
Joe Cottonwood   Catamount, Late Summer
Julie Ramon   A Trip to the Ocean
Karla Linn Merrifield   Swamp Psalm of the Water Sprite
Linda Golden   A Word
Matthew David Manning   Black Mountain
Maureen Kingston   The Buck’s Baksheesh
Maury Grimm   A Hard Rain
Maury Grimm   What I Hear Late Summer 2014
Patricia Williams    No Photosynthesis Occurs
Peter Branson   Hays Coppices
Ryan Harper   The Clearing
Sage Borja   The Last Frontier
Sandy Hiortdahl   Lines
Sarah Frances Moran   Earth Day 2015
Stefanie Bennett   Journal Entry
Susan Summers   Heat Advisory
Taufiq Abdul Khalid   A Promised Meeting by the Riverbank
Taylor Graham   Descent
Taylor Graham   Schneider Valley, September
Terrence Sykes   Ancient Ash
Tom Sheehan   Burial for Seamen
Tom Sheehan   Saugus, Embassy of the Second Muse
Tricia Knoll   The Word Nursery at New Year’s

All best, and many thanks,

Russell Streur

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