Sunday, November 8, 2015

Autumn Treasure

by Bubba Chambers

Beards, mossy grey, sway to the rhythm of chilled breezes,      
trees without leaf, skeletal forms, cryptic beauty casts her spell.      
Hoary forest, aged sleep, unaware my silent trespass.
Oak and ash need repose, dare I disturb their slumber?

An old cow cranes her neck over barbed wire.
she knows where the grass is greener.
Hay field wrapped and tightly bailed,
awaiting the next harvest.

Frost tonight? Maybe, to cover autumn’s beauty.              
But white brings beauty of its own, achromatic color fleeting;
as it melts and hides inside the earth
leaving faces brown and ocher.

Leave the rose and buttercup to those who love the spring.
Naked landscape cold and barren, bring to us delight.
Sometimes things treasured least, conceived through frosted pane
muted colors of the fall, attendant once again.


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  2. Beautiful images of the season, cold and clear.

  3. I'm a winter child- love frost tonight...because a renewing comes after! Love it!!!!

  4. Wonderful imagery and personification-- a real insight to the mood and uplifting nature of each season--- shows your positive attitude!! Really enjoyed it! Pam