Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Brian Pham

Forward and ahead,
where the birds flew for the spring,
they create new life.

Backwards and behind,
where they fly for the winter,
they try to survive.

Up high and above,
like the sun, their day
starts and ends with time.

Down low and below,
this marks the end of the day,
to repeat again.

Four Seasons 
Franchesca Benjamin

Colors of all sorts
are loved by all hummingbirds
nature's cycle comes
The clash of the two
first comes the sweltering sun
then the ocean's wave
A gust of dark leaves
will eventually fall–
a child's playground
White blanket laid out
where all ages lay upon
for angels to form

Changing Times 
Nathan Tran

Creatures awaken
to a soft and mellow
some for the first time

Dry or rainy days
fighting for little water
or running from it

Red and orange leaves
scatter across the land
a lonely wind blows

A blanket of white
covering the past mistakes
creatures hibernate

Four Haiku
Isabella Vasquez

The jasmine blossoms
like stars in the growing night
alone and waiting.

The jasmine falling
and leaves glisten in the sun
like naked bodies.

The decaying leaves
turn from green to gold and red
like bursts of flowers.

Leaves give way to ice
and shudders in the white snow,
only sticks remain.

Ahjanay Ervin

Tulips awaken,
a hummingbirds melody-
The promise of spring.

Mothers burst with joy
during the summer and play with
their laughing children.

As autumn appears,
colored leaves drift through the wind
till nothing remains.

An ice sickle falls
landing on the white pillows
of snow beneath it.

Two Poems
Megan Lee


Gently descending
Trees covered in white blankets
Frozen fingertips


No signs
As sunlight consumes the cold-
A summer morning

Two Haiku
Steven Singeorzan

Ground slips under me
Running for dear life help me -
Mother wakes me up

In the scorching heat
Many stairs no one here but me
Whistling the tune

Amanda Abad

A mouse scurries by
while a hawk swiftly swoops down,
for an early snack

Two Poems
Grace An

Spring Breeze

Fuzzy winds along
the blooming flowers, tickle
my nose very much.

Morning Runs

These morning winds hurt,
it cuts me with its sharp flow.
Mom, can I go home?

Two Poems
Maggie Kung


Late in the spring night
Dog barks hysterically
Baby bird perish

The Scorpion

Scorpion is trapped,
it tries to find a way out-
stings itself and dies

Two Poems
Kayla Katsuda

Monday Mornings

Bare trees, a new day
in an empty parking lot
a blue sky brightens

Before the Storm

The rain is coming,
the great gray clouds fill the sky

Angelica Ellerma

The flashes lit trees
chaos took over the town,
lives and homes was lost.

Time of the Season
Ryan Estrella

Leaves slowly unfurl
Pale versions of fall colors
Quickly change to green

No one is sleeping
The nights keep getting shorter
Will they disappear?

The school bell prevails
The swimming pool’s just a dream
Sleep is dearly missed

Cool breezes kiss skin
LA shivers in the wind
Family time begins

Editor's note:  the above selections were produced by a workshop for young writers in Cerritos, California.  The Tavern is flattered and grateful to have been chosen by the authors for their submissions.  The editor especially wishes to recognize 'The jasmine falling' by Isabella Vasquez , 'In the scorching heat' by Steven Singeorzan and "Dry or rainy days' by Nathan Tran for overall excellence.


  1. Great Work, I enjoyed reading these pieces!

  2. "Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away" - Antoine de Saint-Exupery. These writers certainly embrace this quality in their haikus when they focus on writing for deeper meaning with just 5 or 7 syllables. Excellent work. Steven, Angelica, and Franchesca have certainly grown as authors in the last two years since they published in my class.