Sunday, May 22, 2016

In the Garden in May

by g emil reutter

It is a dreary day in May as rain has fallen for days but today
is a day to visit the garden under cloudy skies that do not drip.
Squirrels scamper up the face of the dogwood that drops pink
blossoms onto the damp lawn. Around the old stump of mimosa
peonies sprout from the soil. Stalks of Tiger Lilies, Day Lilies fill
the bed as velvet blue flowers of Irises bend and bow. Neat pinks
and reds of Azalea are joined by dazzling purple of Rhododendron.
Thick leaves of Black Eyed Susan lift off mulch, grand basal leaves
of Hosta unfold and within prepare the racemes of white and violet.
Full blossoms of red peak out through thick leaves of Camellia as
roses bloom along the fence line where just below blue bells sway
silently in breeze. . Just past the green of Forsythia in pots along
the steps, Snap Dragons, Geraniums bloom in reds, pinks, whites
and yellows.  Within the colors of this beautiful display those rascally
squirrels dig in soil for bulbs of tulips and hyacinth, robins pull worms
from the soaked lawn never noticing the hawk gliding, hunting from

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