Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Drought Close to Home

by Marianne Szlyk

So close to the sea, the Scituate reservoir
contracts to shards of clouds and sky.
Smashed on thick mud, these shards
shrink from the tree trunks and stones
rising where water once flowed.
Humid air promises rain but does not
release it.  Blue sky persists
though towering clouds form.
No storms arise,
even rumors of thunder
off the coast.
Afternoon sun
grinds the shards to dust.


  1. wow, I didn't know that the East Coast is having drought too. Is that true? Very vivid poem. Thanks for writing it!

    1. You're very welcome, Bea. We've had enough rain in Rockville but not further north. This has been a very hot summer.

  2. Great description of something I've seen in the Texas Panhandle for years.

    1. Thank you, Yoby. It really is shocking since Massachusetts is generally very different from the Texas Panhandle.