Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Socotra Cormorants, Ahmadi Beach 1991

by Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad

three Socotra cormorants lie pinned
in quicksand,
amorphous lumps sinking
in puddles of congealed oil,
beaks and feathers crusted,
stripped of the strength
to extricate their bodies,
burbling breath, life dissolving
in the spill that chokes
the shores of Kuwait City.

through the pyrocumulous clouds,
the occasional patch
of cornflower blue sky peeps,
glimpse of a time before strife -
sands pristine, skies unblemished,
phthalo blue waters, mirror-still,
the shade of cormorants’ eyes.

the Arabian Gulf stretches, a wasteland
bubbling poisonous black,
viscous veins plump with decay
clawing across the waves,
the inferno of the oil fields of Ahmadi
glowing with molten hellfire,
ringed with the bodies of cormorants.

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  1. ..and still today suffering is visited on the fragile being of our living spaces...on human and animal kind alike and the lessons of 28 years ago are ignored..but it is as well that we are reminded once more in this very powerful piece by Oormila V Prahlad.
    Thank you...