Wednesday, May 4, 2022


by  Geoffrey Aitken
despite its failings
it’s long been popular
to be open for business
its ongoing need for support
lost in the triumph
of economic growth
where it operates
as usual
though not without collateral
and it’s not until
the damage is obvious
do we call
our thinkers
our cleaners
and our undertakers
when we finally realise
how badly cyclic
we always let this become


Alex Hand said...

A simple truth put to well. In Australia shops are open on Sundays with no penalty rates, it is so bad for families an communities. I'm not religious but you need time for church, for communion with others, for sport, to stop spending...This poem is spot on

Martha said...


Geoffrey Aitken said...

Thanks Alex, always good to receive feedback to learn positively of readership comfort with written offerings.

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