Plum Tree Tavern invites original and previously unpublished poetry focusing on specific images of physical nature. 

Bite, depth and specificity are required.  Specificity means specificity.  If the poem speaks of trees, name the type.  Of birds, the species.  Of a place, the name.

Work up to 24 lines sounds about right.  And yes, the editor knows that some of you will wonder if you could slip in a couple extra. You know who are you are.  With apology to all the mathematicians in the audience, the editor doesn't really count lines.  But don't tell anybody.

One submission per month sounds about right.  And yes, the editor knows that some of you will wonder if you could shave a day or two off on the turning of the moon. You know who are you are. With apology to all the horologists in the audience, the editor doesn't really count days.  Speaking of the calendar, please submit seasonal work: in season.

Works of eco-poetry will also be considered, especially of witness, testimony and protest.

Work that focuses on the image in nature as it exists is greatly preferred over the writer’s judgments of the image. The river speaks for itself.  So does the mountain.  Don't interrupt.

Except in connection with farming and working the land, Plum Tree is little interested in poems that focus on human activity or human nature.

The editor considers that the personification of nature trivializes nature.

The tavern considers that the placement of the ego above the eco in a poem represents the same arrogance that allows the pipeline to be built across the tundra.  The editor therefore particularly cautions the writer to carefully consider the placement of the ego into work.  Once the writer injects his or herself into the picture, the poem often becomes more about the image of the writer than about the image of nature.  While leaving out the I is encouraged, the editor acknowledges that sometimes the I works just fine.  A rule of thumb:  one I or its equivalent might work; two place the work on thin ice; and there is a baseball saying about three.  There is also a saying about the umpire.

Suburban landscapes and scenes from the backyard are not wanted.  Neither are works of dewy sentimentality about how pretty the flowers are.  The planet is being ruined.

If the poem submitted reads like it would make a good greeting card, send it to Hallmark.

Send one to three works in the body of an email to: plumtreetavern  (at) gmail (dot)  com.

Please single space all submissions.

Except by prior arrangement, word attachments will be returned unread.

Works posted into Comments sections will not be considered for publication and will be deleted.

Submitting authors may expect a timely response from the editor of Plum Tree Tavern.


Haiku and related forms in small doses will be considered only if seasonal and generated from personal observation or personal experience of the natural world.  Derivative or imaginative works, abstract thoughts, and constructions not grounded in nature offend the Tavern’s sensibilities.  With continued apology to all the mathematicians in the audience, the editor does not count syllables either.  Go figure.


The editor requests that the following be checked at the door:
  1. References to poetry or about writing specifically or in general; or poems including mention of, or allusion to, the same.
  2. Dreams and variants thereof, or reference to the same.  Don’t even mention the word.
  3. Pithy thoughts, aphorisms and greeting card messages.
  4. Sermons.  Especially sermons.
For work that ends with a question, come back later with the answer.

Simultaneous submissions are discouraged.  So are previously published works.

The philosophy department is down the hall and to the right.

The lecture hall is to the left.

No cats.


Exceptions to stated policies may be made at the discretion of the editor, or by the generosity of the same: or by oversight, deliberate or otherwise.

Acceptance grants Plum Tree Tavern rights including: first-time electronic publication; retention of published work in the archives of Plum Tree Tavern on a non-exclusive basis; and permission for Plum Tree Tavern to select certain works published in this space for inclusion in annual, "best of" or similar electronic or print anthologies or highlight issues.  All other rights revert immediately to the author upon publication.

Plum Tree Tavern is a nonpaying publication.


Thank you for your patronage.

Prices subject to change according to customer's attitude.

Drink up.


  1. Thank you for being so direct. I agree to all your comments.

  2. Eureka! There's someone ALIVE at the controls in here! And wild with a level of plain humanity that has fled from most literary publications.

  3. Submissions and correspondence may be sent to plumtreetavern (at) gmail (dot) com. Works posted into Comments sections will not be considered for publication.

  4. These are the best guidelines I have ever read.

    That's all

  5. Looking for different web sites....came across this one. I do not do poetry....however; I am leaving a post....because I love your web site and these are the best guidelines I have every read. …..

  6. to the East
    a phoenix rises

  7. The unknown
    phoenix rising
    is nice too.